Need an auto loan? Come see Cavenaugh Pre-Owned

Cavenaugh Pre-Owned has formed close relationships with several local and national lenders, so we're able to offer financing rates that many other car dealers in Black Rock can't offer. Since we deal with a wide variety of lenders, we're able to offer multiple flexible financing packages with low rates and longer terms to fit your budget.

Have damaged or bruised credit? Recently discharged bankruptcy? We have trained staff that will help find lenders to finance your purchase. Just click on the "Apply Now" tab below!

To help us we will need the following documentation that will help secure financing for your purchase;

1. Current year-to-date pay-stub on all applicants.

2. Proof of residence; copy of utility bill or phone bill with your name and address on it.

3. 5-references.

4. Proof of insurance.

5. Copy of recent discharge of your bankruptcy.

No applications refused.

To receive more information about the financing options that we offer, please click the Credit Application link below to submit an online credit application to us. One of our financing experts will be in contact shortly to discuss the financing options we have available to meet your individual needs.

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